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Rolling Ball Sculpture School

This is where you can learn to make your own incredible Rolling Ball Sculptures.  All the techniques, tools, tips and skills that you'll need to TIG weld a steel RBS are covered in dozens of videos over many hours, all collected in one place.


Advice on how to set up your workspace to be functional and safe. You'll see how I've set up my workspace. learn the logic for the various areas as well as ideas for safety and comfort.

Welding Techniques

In this section you'll discover all the techniques and skills required to be able to safely and reliably TIG weld your steel Rolling Ball Sculpture together and solve many challenges.


Learn about tools that can be easily bought as well as those that you'll need to make for yourself. You'll hear advice on which tools are priorities and which tools you'll likely grow into over time and with more experience.

RBS Components

We'll cover a large number of components that you can include in you sculptures and learn how to build them to be strong, reliable and look great.

Metal & Materials

What type of metals, materials and other components to buy. How to identify the best materials / materials that you want. How to save money on some of them and where they can be purchased. 

Sculpture Design & Layout

You'll learn the rationale for layout of the various components within the sculpture and ways to design your sculptures so that they'll be functional and esthetically pleasing.

Interested in RBS School?

Let me know how to contact you and I'll send you an email when the video course is complete and ready for purchase.

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