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The Art

Robert’s sculptures live in the intersection between the visually pleasing and the technically possible. He works primarily in stainless steel, sometimes wood, as well as in repurposed or found objects.

As an antidote to our sometimes chaotic lives and the world outside of our control, Robert’s Rolling Ball Sculptures create order and beauty out of moving objects that work in harmony together. The observer comes to the understanding that everything is where it needs to be and the apparent problems do in fact resolve themselves. By observing the movements, there grows a trust that all the pieces somehow work together, even if it’s in ways that we don’t understand at first. Truly, Robert’s work is a metaphor, perhaps just in some small way, for the lives we live - a little chaotic, but indeed beautiful through time.

Although his sculptures are designed and constructed using the serious forces of gravity and friction, there is a healthy component of playfulness included throughout each piece.
Robert’s work has been described as Mesmerizing, Relaxing, Imaginative and Inspiring. 


The Artist

Since childhood, Robert has been enthralled by beauty in design and in the beauty of mechanisms. He gained an appreciation for beauty in nature while growing up on the West coast of Canada and has since then, lived, studied and worked in Edmonton, Alberta, in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland) and now lives and creates near the Rocky Mountains in the Bow River Valley in the beautiful Town of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.

The Location

Robert works primarily in wood and metal. His workshop is located in the shadow of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in Cochrane, Alberta.

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