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A weathered and awesome piece of kinetic art.
Rusty front.jpg

In Private Collection in The U.K.

Rusty is made from stainless steel and TIG welded together. I've named it "Rusty" because, although the stainless steel will never rust, the colours, orange, red, weathered wood, together with the unpolished welds, make me think of aged materials that are left out in the elements.   
It's mounted on a found piece of wood and includes 12 marbles, chosen to complement the sculpture in style and colour.

The first marble is triggered by you and, as they reach the bottom of either of the two tracks down, they trigger the next marble to start its run.
It takes approximately 1 minute for all the marbles to reach the bottom.

This piece is mesmerizing to watch and, somehow, it begs you to reload the marbles into the launching rail at the top before the last one finishes its run.

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