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October 2021

In Private Collection

18"h x 14.5"w x 8.5"d

Martini is made from stainless steel and TIG welded together. It has a black and white colour scheme and slow, quiet movements. Along with the jigger (1oz & 1/2 oz), the colours and dark wood of this sculpture make me think of tobacco smoke  and classy drinks. Perhaps cognac and martinis.

The spiral lift very slowly takes the marbles to the top of the sculpture where they are released onto the three tracks down to the bottom, travelling through the two switches, the tilting jigger and various spirals.

The power switch lights up with a gentle orange glow.

This sculpture would look great in an office or on a mantle above a fireplace. Actually, it would look good anywhere that is classy or could use a little more class.

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