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Ebb & Flow

September 2023

Commissioned work.

In private collection.

Size: 72" wide x 10" deep x 43" tall

(183cm wide x 25cm deep x 109cm tall)

The continuous, gentle movement of Ebb & Flow evokes visions of nature that we see around us in the wind and in the ocean. Just as our lives are punctuated by memorable moments, the gentle movement of this sculpture is punctuated by the release of a marble from the top of the sculpture that then travels down one of four paths on a journey of twists, turns and loops.

As with all my work, the name, date of its creation and my signature are located on the sculpture.

Stainless steel. 1 3/8" glass marbles. Runs with a 12v adapter for 100v-240v. Adjustable speed. Adjustable brightness. Motion activated.

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