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December 2021

In private collection in the USA

Size: 30" wide x 30" tall x 11.5" deep

Blue is a real entertaining piece, with 4 pathways and an Archimedes screw for a lift, topped with a large clear marble with blue and white streaks in it.

The tracks include three track switches, three spirals, a big jump located right in front, as well as a triple loop-d-loop, a set of 4 chimes and a cool zig-zag section of track. 

The base is a solid piece of reclaimed oak from a building from the 1940's. It has been refinished but still shows some scuffs and scratches from its original use.

The on/off switch as well as the speed controller have custom covers and allow the 7/8th" marbles to fall approximately 2 per minute up to 4 per minute (approx. 34 to 17 seconds between marbles).

Approximately 168 feet of 1/8 stainless steel rod went into Blue.

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